Sunday, 25 April 2010

Welcome Back!!

The greatest welcome back from Easter was that Sociopath Wanker is moving out. This makes Tiny Little Baby Feet very happy - she fully intends to throw them a leaving party... except without inviting them. Crackhead has also moved out... noone noticed.

Over-Sensitive Girl tried to fuck us over by leaving the house for next year... this did not make us happy as we spent a whole day frantically scrabbling around to find a housemate to fill her space before she changed her mind yet a-fucking-gain! Why sign a contract if you're already having doubts?

Lately, we have become obsessed with Sims 3 (leading, of course, to very few lectures being attended). We created a Ground Floor, and also most of the housemates. Several have been set on fire already. Oopsy. Also, Whiney Mcwhinesalot's Boyfriend drowned in a tragic (cough) accident. He will be sadly missed. Or not.

In other news, is our new love, along with wicker. We don't fully understand where this obsession came from, all we know is wicker is an epic win. We even made a sim whose clothes were entirely made out of wicker. Foot on you, anyone? That is all.